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Toppenish Phase IV Sewer Improvement Project

The project is scheduled for 140 working days. 
There will be construction of approximately 21,500 feet of sanitary sewer main. 
There will be construction of new lift stations at Carlson Avenue and South Beech Street.
• Carlson Lift Station Construction to begin 2/17/2020
• Sewer main replacement on Dayton Avenue to begin 2/17/2020 from  
  Pearne Street to the Middle School on Franklin Avenue.

Sewer Improvement Project Traffic Control

Map 1
Map 2
Map 3

Lincoln Avenue, Dayton Avenue, and Beech Street Improvements

Project to begin on March 23, 2020.
Project to include:
• Reconstruction of Dayton Avenue from North Elm Street to North Beech
  Street – curb, gutter, sidewalk, storm drainage, and new asphalt.
• Reconstruction of North Beech Street from Dayton Ave to North D Street
  – curb, gutter, sidewalk, storm drainage, and new asphalt.
• Installation of sidewalk and street lights on Lincoln Avenue from North F
  Street to North L Street.   

Please contact Toppenish Public Works at (509) 865-4500 for questions or additional information.


Key Dates for 2020 Census

2020 U.S. Census Begins in March
The City of Toppenish’s Contribution matters to the United States Census 2020. The U.S. Census Bureau compiles detailed information from each and every city to look at the demographics throughout the nation. Your participation helps to provide an accurate picture of who we are as a city and ensures that hard-to count groups (seniors, young children and those experiencing homelessness) are all counted. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates Toppenish population to be 8,894 as of July 2018.

El Censo 2020 Comienza en Marzo
La contribuciónde la Ciudad de Toppenish es importante para el Censo 2020 de los Estados Unidos. La Oficina del Censo de los EE.UU. recopila informacion detallada de todas y cada una de las ciudades para observer la demografía a través De todo el país. Su participación ayuda a proporcionar una imagen precisa de quiénes que se cuenten todos los, grupos dificiles de contar (personas mayores, niños penqueños y personas que no tienen hogar). La Oficina del Censon de los EE.UU. estima que las población de Toppenish es 8,894 a partir de Julio 2018.

2020 Census website
2020 Census website – Español
2018 Population Estimates
2000-2010 Interactive Map, Demographics


The Toppenish Street Light Project is Complete!
The TIB Relight Washington Project in partnership with Pacific Corp consisted of replacing 584 High Pressure Sodium Street lights bulbs with LED fixtures. The project took about a month to complete. The City will benefit from a lower annual street light electrical cost by an estimated $30,000.

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