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Human Resources

Debbie Zabell, CMC, Finance Director/City Clerk
City Hall (1st Floor)
21 West First Avenue
Toppenish, WA 98948
(509) 865-2080 Office
(509) 865-3864 Fax

Business hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The Human Resources Assistant manages the recruitment, selection, and record keeping of City employees, coordinates payroll adjustments, salary increases, and benefit programs; assists in the administration of various employee committees, programs, and policies related to Human Resources and labor relations activities.

Current Employment Opportunities:

Building Official/Zoning Administrator Deadline to apply: March 15, 2019 5:00 p.m.
Job Announcemnt
Job Description
City of Toppenish Employment Application (PDF)

Dispatcher Clerk
Job Announcement
Job Description
Yakima Testing Date 3/17/2019

Lateral Police Officer
Job Announement
Job Description
Employment Application
Police Waiver Authorization to Release Information


Police Department Employment Information:

Police Officer - Entry

Public Safety Testing.com conducts the City of Toppenish's written and physical ability examinations for Entry Police Officer and Entry Police Dispatcher/Clerk. The above link directs to the Public Safety Testing web site to complete the application on-line and select a test day. Go online to www.publicsafetytesting.com for the times and locations for the testing sites.

Police Waiver Authorization to Release Information (pdf)

The City of Toppenish is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to recruiting and retaining a highly qualified and diversified work force. Women and minorities strongly encouraged to apply.

For additional questions, please contact the Human Resources Assistant at (509) 865-2080 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The City of Toppenish only accepts employment applications for current openings.

City of Toppenish Employment Application (PDF)


Employment Links:  

    Yakima County Human Resources       

    Washington State Human Resources    

    United States Federal Jobs                  

    Association of Washington Cities        

    Initial Processing
    All applications for positions with the City of Toppenish shall be received by the Human Resources Office, unless other arrangements are approved by the City Manager for recruitment and screening.

    In order to be considered in the selection process, all applicants must complete a City of Toppenish employment application, related supplemental questionnaire and/or resume, as required. If an applicant only submits a resume, the Human Resources Office shall forward a City application to the applicant with instructions that it is to be returned by the designated deadline. Following the closing date, the Human Resource staff will review all the applications for the position. Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications as outlined in the position description will be sent on to the Department Director (or Civil Service Commission for uniform Police and Fire positions) for consideration. The Department Director or their designee shall review and evaluate the applications to determine which individuals will continue in the recruitment and selection process and will identify only the most competitive of candidates to participate in the interview and selection process. Applicants not meeting the minimum qualifications shall be notified by letter of their application status by the Human Resources Office.

    Job testing is a valuable method for further evaluating applicants and may be utilized for filling some City positions. The type of testing, if any, in the employee selection process, shall be developed by the City (or Civil Service Commission) and the results will be utilized solely to determine the applicant's ability to perform one or more of the essential functions for the position for which they are being considered. In all cases, only validated testing instruments or procedures shall be utilized that conform to Equal Employment Opportunities Council guidelines.

    Structured Job Interview:
    Like job testing, a structured job interview will be used and conducted solely for the purpose of determining the applicant's competence to do the job, and not to elicit information which has no bearing on the job, or to exclude certain individuals or groups of individuals from further job consideration. Careful consideration is given to insure that the interview questions are strictly job-related. In the interest of achieving consistency in the City interview process, a representative of the Human Resources Office shall participate in the interview. At no time shall an employment interview be conducted by a sole City representative. Professionals from other organizations or members of citizen advisory committees may be part of a City of Toppenish interview panel process.

    For positions requiring the operation of City vehicles or vehicular equipment, the applicant shall provide a copy of their current driver's record obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles or their insurance agent. The driver's record shall be presented prior to or at the applicant's panel interview. Applicant driving records will be evaluated for any liability concerns based on City Risk Management Program criteria.

    Pre-Employment Drug Testing/Physical/Psychological Examinations:

    Following a conditional offer of employment, applicants for public safety (uniform Fire and Police positions), positions requiring CDL's, or any position that requires the use of a firearm will be scheduled for a pre-employment drug screening by the Human Resources Office. In addition, applicants for positions requiring physical and/or psychological examination or other examinations which relate directly to the position they are being appointed, will be scheduled. Subsequent appointment is contingent upon passing the testing/exam(s) and receiving a favorable recommendation from the examining authority. Applicants for positions which have unsupervised access to children less than 16 years of age or to developmentally disabled persons must also complete a public disclosure statement which will be submitted to the Washington State Patrol for confirmation.

    Reference Checks
    Employer reference checks (and/or background investigations for uniformed Police and Fire personnel) shall be conducted on the finalist(s) under consideration for appointment to a City position. At least three (3) reference checks (current/previous employers) will be made for each person under consideration. Under no circumstance shall employer reference checks be conducted without the knowledge and permission of the applicant.

    Following a review of the applications, panel interview(s), testing results, and necessary reference checks, the Department Director or their designee will identify the applicant they feel is most qualified to fill the vacancy. The candidate will be contacted either by the Department Director or the Human Resources Office and given a conditional offer of employment, including the proposed date of hire and entry salary. The Department Director will forward their recommendation through the Human Resources Office to the City Manager for review and approval.

    All applicants not selected for the position shall be notified in writing by the Human Resources Office within two weeks after the City Manager has approved the appointment.

    Temporary Personnel
    A temporary employee is a person appointed to a temporary position or temporarily appointed to a regular position. A temporary position refers to a position budgeted for a set period of time on an hourly, daily, weekly, seasonal, or call-in basis. This period of time will not exceed six (6) consecutive months of continuous employment.

    City of Toppenish Employee Information:


    IAFF (Fire) Contract (pdf)

    Teamster’s (Police) Contract (pdf)

    Teamster’s (General) Contract (pdf)

    Family Medical Leave Act Information:

    Employee Rights & Responsibilities under FMLA (pdf)

    Family Medical Leave Laws Table (pdf)

    City of Toppenish FMLA Policy (pdf)

    Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Forms:

    Request for Family Medical Leave (pdf)

    Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee’s Serious Health Condition (requires job description) (pdf)

    Certification of Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave (pdf)

    Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of Covered Service member – for Military Family Leave (pdf)

    Employee Benefit Forms:

      AWC New Enrollment and Update Form (pdf)

      AWC Change of Address Form (pdf)

      DRS Beneficiary Designation Form (pdf)

      DRS Change of Address Form (pdf)

      ICMA Information Change Form (pdf)

      Teamster's Dental-Vision Form (pdf)

    Job Descriptions:

    Administrative Assistant

    Building Official/City Planner

    Community TV Manager

    Court Administrator

    Court Clerk

    Corrections Officer

    Deputy Finance Director/City Clerk-Human Resources


    Executive Assistant/Deputy City Clerk

    Finance Director/City Clerk

    Finance Technician/Lead Finance Technician

    Fire Captain

    Fire Chief

    Fire Fighter

    Grounds Maintenance Technician

    Lead Corrections Officer

    Lead Dispatcher

    Maintenance Technician

    Parks & Recreation Director

    Police Captain

    Police Chief

    Police Officer

    Police Sergeant

    Police Support Officer

    Public Works Director

    Public Works Supervisor

    Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator I

    Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator II

    Water Operator I

    Useful Website Links:

    Department of Retirement Systems
    ICMA - Deferred Comp Plan

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