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Patrol Division

The Patrol Division of the Toppenish Police Department is responsible for community education through enforcement of Federal, State and local laws and Crime Prevention.

The Patrol Section of the Toppenish Police Department is currently made up of two Sergeants, and 9 commissioned officers. They are responsible for providing around the clock professional law enforcement services for our community. Our Patrol Officers are the first line of defense against the criminal element. Often referred to as the backbone of the police department, these officers are carefully selected and highly trained. Although many of the services involve responding to criminal activity, patrol officers also provide directed patrol in order to improve the quality of life for citizens.
Patrol work is complex and critical. It can be summarized by listing the following activities:

Deterring crime through directed patrol.
Enforcing the laws.
Investigating criminal behavior.
Apprehending offenders.
Writing reports.
Coordinating efforts with the prosecutor.
Assisting individuals in danger or in need of other assistance.
Conflict resolution.
Keeping the peace.
Maintaining order.
Keeping pedestrian and automobile traffic moving.
Assisting with special events.

Police Patrol

Many of the activities Patrol performs are related to Community Oriented Policing.  When officers are not assigned to a call, they are performing other proactive duties such as residential patrols, traffic enforcement and warrant service.

Police Patrol

Proactive traffic enforcement makes our roadways safer, reduces crime and improves the quality of life in our neighborhoods. Proactive traffic enforcement efforts remove impaired drivers from the road, enforce speed limits and rules of the road thus preventing traffic collisions. These stops also provide an opportunity for officers to reinforce the importance of seat belt and child seat use, which prevent injuries and deaths. Proactive enforcement also results in numerous criminal apprehensions. The Toppenish Police Department takes the enforcement of the Driving While Under the Influence Law very seriously. Drive Carefully and DON'T Drink and Drive!

The Police Department has had a Police Reserve Program since 1985. Reserves are citizens who wish to give something back to their community through service .

Reserve officers for the Toppenish Police Department are non-paid volunteers who have been trained and certified through the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission to perform law enforcement duties. They have a limited peace officer commission.  Reserve Officers supplement the patrol division and assist in making our community a safer place to live. Toppenish Police Reserve Officers are required to commit a minimum of sixteen hours monthly to the program..

Police Patrol

© Photos courtesy of the Toppenish Mural Society