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Public Works

Waste Water Services

Treatment Plant Location
The treatment plant is located at 501 Annahat, east of North Myers Road.

Public Works Waste Water

The City of Toppenish is committed to providing our community with quality, uninterrupted waste water services.

Our water treatment facility is equipped with a dual sewer system consisting of sanitary and under drain sewers. The purpose of the sanitary sewer system is to carry wastewater from residences and commercial buildings to the waste water treatment plant. Under drains remove groundwater from the sanitary sewer areas and provide storm drainage. There are approximately 27.3 miles of collector sanitary sewer lines, 3.3 miles of interceptor sewers, and six pumping stations. The average winter wastewater demand is .92 millions gallons per day (MGB) and the summer demand peaks at 1.9 MGD.

Toppenish General Sewer Plan

For further information, please contact the Public Works Department at (509) 865-4500. If you have questions about your sewer bill, please contact the Finance Department at (509) 865-2080. If you have water or sewer emergencies after 5:00 PM, please contact the Toppenish Police Department at (509) 865-4355.

© Photos courtesy of the Toppenish Mural Society