Elevated Water Table


Elevated Water Table in Certain Areas of Toppenish

Over the past two days the City of Toppenish has received reports from a few residents of water infiltrating through their basement floors in south Toppenish – around Lily Lane and South Beech Street.  This is most likely ground water seepage due to an elevated water table in that area. Elevated water tables are typical this time of year and may even be a bit higher due to a combination of our recent rainstorm and the current irrigation of corn fields in the immediate area of our south Toppenish neighborhoods.

We are not aware of any city water main breaks in that area at this time  but Toppenish Public Works staff will test a few of the affected residences in the next day or two to be sure the seeping water is not  water from sources other than groundwater. We do expect that the water table will recede over the next few weeks as irrigation is reduced and then turned off in October.

We encourage anyone with a basement to check for signs of water infiltration or signs of cracking in floors and walls, and to ensure any sump pumps are in good working order. For those who may have cracks in basement floors or walls we recommend a visit to a local hardware store to determine effective ways of sealing cracks to prevent ground water infiltration.

City staff will continue to monitor the situation and update our website with any additional notices that may be necessary.

Thank You,

Lance Hoyt, City Manager

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