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Public Documents

Links to legal codes and documents pertinent to the operation of the City of Toppenish can be found below.

Pending Land Use Applications:

City of Toppenish Comprehensive Plan Update
Proposed Plan:
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Natural Systems
Chapter 2 Land Use
Chapter 3 Housing
Chapter 4 Capital Facilities
Chapter 5 Transportation
Chapter 6 Parks
Chapter 7 Administration
Appendix A
Appendix B

Comprehensive Plan Update Public Involvement Process
Toppenish Planning Commission Special Meeting Notice
Public Involvement Plan
Environmental Review
Environmental Review
Notice of Public Hearing
English Version
Spanish Version

Individual departments of the city maintain records unique to their services and can be contacted directly. City department phone numbers and addresses can be found under City Contacts.

If you are unsure where to obtain a public record, we encourage you to call the city clerk's office at (509) 865-2080 or stop by City Hall located at 21 West First Avenue. If you need a copy, there is a .15 charge per page for all public documents.

© Photos courtesy of the Toppenish Mural Society