Apply for Open City Council Position #4

A seat on the Toppenish City Council is available for any Toppenish resident who would like to apply for the open position on the Toppenish City Council.

Apply here: Council Candidate Application

What does the City Council do?
The council serves as the law-making body for the city. The council makes city policies, approves the budget, responds to residents, creates regulations, establishes and reviews city goals.
No single council member can make a change to city law, any change has to be approved by the majority of the council members.

If you would like to be part of shaping the future of our city, your City Needs YOU!

What will you do?
You will serve as a representative of your constituents, voicing their concerns and needs, and ensuring their interests are considered in decision-making processes. Serving on City Council is a chance for individuals to make a difference, shape the community’s future, and work towards the betterment of Toppenish and its residents.

Find the announcement for the position here: Open City Council Position Announcement

For more information about Toppenish City Council positions, contact the Toppenish City Clerk, Heidi Riojas at (509) 865-6754 or by email at

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