Public Safety Committee

The Toppenish City Council is looking for input and ideas on how your City can be a safer place for everyone.

Toppenish Municipal Code Chapter 2.32 for Public Safety Committee: The Public Safety Committee shall address issues referred to it by the Toppenish City Council, and may also consider issues presented by the public, or by one of its members. In addressing an issue, the committee shall discuss it and decide whether to make a recommendation to the Toppenish City Council. The committee may take into consideration information and recommendations from City staff and any other source it deems appropriate. Examples of matters that the public safety committee may address include but are not limited to issues and problems related to police, fire, and code enforcement departments, state legislation regarding public safety matters, and emergency management concerns.

The Public Safety Committee meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers.

Committee MembersRoleTerm
Naila Duval, CouncilmemberChairperson2024-2025
Cristian Sanchez, CouncilmemberAlternate Chairperson2024-2025
George Garcia, CouncilmemberMember2024-2025

Share your public safety concerns with the Public Safety Committee by attending the meetings and speaking during public comment. Or email your concerns to to be read into the record. Help make Toppenish a safe, healthy, vibrant community!