Old Glory Plaza Bricks For Sale


Old Glory Plaza consists of a beautiful concrete and paver plaza constructed to highlight a 165’ flagpole with a 30’ x 60’ flag.

The bricks and pavers, located in and around the plaza, are engraved with names and/or business and organization information. There are 21 bricks still available for purchase at a cost of $100. Bricks can be ordered by filling out this form, Old Glory Plaza Bricks Order Form. Return the completed form with payment to Activities Program Manager, Katie Goodale.

21 West First Avenue

Toppenish, WA 98948

Phone: 509-865-5150

More Old Glory Plaza Information

Costs and Maintenance

The costs associated with operating the plaza are mainly focused on the costs of the flag itself, the maintenance of the flagpole (painting etc.), and the raising/lowering of the flag.

The Flag(s)

The flag is 30’x60’ in size and is flown daily. When possible, the flag is repaired, rather than replaced as the cost for replacement is approximately $3,000. The lifespan of a flag can be as much as (1) year if repaired but there are limits to the number of times a flag can be repaired. There isa currently (1) replacement flag but another should be purchased soon.

There are also flag weights that are utilized with the flag. Those have a lifespan of approximately (3) years and the cost for replacement is $300.

There is also a 50’x80’ holiday flag that is flown on the 4th of July each year but only for that day. The cost of the flag is $11,500 and although this flag is in good shape and repaired, when possible, it will eventually need to be replaced.

Blue Star Memorial Highway

Blue Star Memorial Highway Markers are located throughout the United States. Since 1945, when the Blue Star program began, they have been placed to honor the servicemen and women of the U.S. Armed Forces.

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