Toppenish Police Department

John Clary, Chief of Police
516 West Second Avenue
Toppenish, WA 98948
Emergency Dispatch:  Call 911
Non-Emergency Dispatch (509) 836-6229
Business Office (509) 865-1629
Fax (509) 865-5054

A message from the Chief:

I am honored to serve the City of Toppenish as Chief of Police and represent the outstanding men and women of this organization. Toppenish Police Officers are not separate from the citizens of Toppenish. We draw our authority from the will and consent of the people. The police are the instrument of the people to achieve and maintain order. Our efforts are founded on the principles of service and ultimate responsibility to the public.

The specific goals and priorities that we establish within the limits of our legislatively granted authority are determined to a large extent by community desires. These desires are transmitted to us through the community and the governing body of the City of Toppenish. We conscientiously strive to be responsive to these desires, knowing full well that we exist not to serve ourselves but to serve and protect others. Police officers are accountable to the people for their decisions and the subsequent consequences.

Public confidence in the criminal justice system depends primarily on the trust that the people have in their police. The fundamental purpose and role of the police in a free society is the protection of constitutional guarantees, public safety, maintenance of public order, crime prevention and suppression, and dutiful response to the needs of the community.

Our goal is for each employee to perform their duties in the most professional manner possible. There is no magic formula for dealing with the many facets of human behavior that police officers encounter every day.

Police work is a calling. It involves so much more than other careers and is arguably the most important profession in today’s society. Our officers serve this community with integrity, conscious of our dedication to the preservation of individual rights, and committed to the boundaries established by our Constitution.

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Chief John Clary