Toppenish Police Conducting Patrol Emphasis on Toppenish Truck Routes

Toppenish Police are working to keep large trucks on designated truck routes in Toppenish. Emphasis patrols are taking place and officers or educating drivers and area businesses about the importance of keeping the big rigs on the right roads.

Large trucks and semis are an important part of the transportation industry and the Toppenish economy. The City of Toppenish has designated routes for those vehicles to travel for pick-up and delivery of goods and provide services. Trucks that divert from the designated routes and drive through downtown or residential areas can cause problems with parking and traffic, pedestrian safety, and destroy roadways and infrastructure due to the weight of the tractor-trailer combinations.

Here is a map to show the truck routes in the City of Toppenish

You can also download a PDF version of the Truck Route Map here:

City of Toppenish Truck Route Map